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Strengthening of capacities of master trainers - Training course in Germany

Code CIVDEF|2012|CROSS|50
Short title Civil Defence master trainers - THW in Germany
Title Strengthening of capacities of master trainers - Training course in Germany
Main Area CIVDEF: Civil Defence general
Field of activity CROSS: Cross-cutting

Florian Bemmerlein-Lux (Administrator/Organiser)

Peter Bank (Advisor/Expert)

Gurudev Saini (Contact Person)

Event Details
Date Place Details Application
Sun 02.12.2012
Sat 15.12.2012

14 Day(s)
Federal Schools of THW
Novizenweg 1
73765 Neuhausen a.d.F. , Baden Würtemberg

Contact Name: Peter Bank
Max. participants 15
Course Fees (details) none
Target Group Civil Defence Trainers from NCDC and the State Civil Defence Directorates
Organiser Under the Indo German Development Cooperation: Capacity building project activity on “Civil Defence and Disaster Risk Management” (cdDRM) implemented by the Indo-German Environment Partnership Programme (IGEP) in cooperation with the National Civil Defence College (NCDC), Ministry of Home Affairs GoI.

Enhance the training capacities for State Master Trainers for Civil Defence with practical skills training in:

  • Search and Rescue (SAR) including rapid deployment as per INSARAG guidelines and practices;
  • Flood Rescue and Relief including boat, pontoon and temporary bridge construction measures;
  • Drinking water purification, testing, supply, distribution and sewage disposal including rapid deployment;
  • Command, control and communication including logistics for dealing with Natural as well as Industrial Disasters.
Expected results/impacts

Presently NCDC is facing shortage of faculty and has made special efforts for incorporating local guest faculty as well as invited guest faculty from State Civil Defence Directorates. There is a need for expanding the core group of trainers available with the NCDC and State Civil Defence Directorates in order to build their capacities as per International Training practices.

For this goal, establishment of the co-operation with an international first class training institutions for Civil Defence and learning from them is a core element. German Civil Defence System in general and THW in particular provided in depth insights and international standard capacity building measures and strategies to NCDC for up-gradation of its training facilities and also support to State Civil Defence Training Institutes.

Indicators to measure success/impact

Mater trainers implement successfully training courses in Civil Defence using their new technical and managerial skills.

Analysis of the evaluation questionnaire
Questionnaire and programme (max. for 10 training modules)
The programme for this analysis was development in 2001/2002 under the Indo-German bilateral cooperation with support of the World Bank. It can be downloaded in this section.
Description of contents/agenda
Icon Concept (33KB)
Outline of the course concept
Organisation and basic information
Icon Training plan (32KB)
Details for the 2 weeks

Event report and material
Icon Contact List (292KB)
Trainers and participants

Command and Control

Icon Staff (1.0 MB)
Organisation and management
Icon Overview (763KB)
Signs and tactical icons

International Civil Protection Systems

Icon IEC (1.0 MB)
Feb 2011
Icon IEC-R (842KB)
2012 Edition
Icon INSARAG (1.6 MB)
International Search and Rescue Advisory Group - Guidelines
2011 - Read Version
Icon OSOCC (236KB)
Apr 2009
Icon UNDAC (1.9 MB)
Dec 2006
Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response
Edition 2011
Icon Presentation (519KB)
International Coordination during Disasters

SEEBA - Rapid Deployment Unit Urban Search & Rescue

Disaster Management Structures
(Nov 2012)
Icon SEEBA (3.9 MB)
Site Map
Rapid Deployment Unit Urban Search & Rescue
Icon Technical Search (7.1 MB)
Icon SEEBA (3.1 MB)
Rapid Deployment Unit Urban Search & Rescue
Icon ZAL (5.8 MB)
Centre for Foreign Logistics
Icon Alarm (7.2 MB)
Alarmierung der SEEBA im Einsatzfall

UN Regulations

for RDC and OSOCC
Icon UNDAC (1.9 MB)
Dec 2006

INSARAG - International Search and Rescue Advisory Group

Icon IEC (2.8 MB)
Icon IER (67KB)
Icon INSARAG (2.3 MB)
Apr 2012
Icon IEC-IER (1.9 MB)
June 2012
Assessment, Search and Coordination Methodologies
Information Management Workshop
INSARAG Team Leader Meeting - Brisbane, Australia - 25/03/2012
Information Management Tools
2011 - Read Version
External classification / reclassificaton

Dyke Defence

Water Hazards

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