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Welcome to the National Civil Defence College - Knowledge and Training Management Platform

“... the Response of a person closest to the place of emergency will be the fastest and most effective, provided he is well trained.” "We trained more than 84,1270 volunteers up to March 2018"

Himalayan Civil Defence Training Camp at Manali -2018

For volunteers, trainers of Civil Defence issues, disaster risk managers, planners, first responders, consultants and government officers we offer:

NCDC is catalogued in the UNDHA centres of Disaster Relief training. It has also been identified as a premier training establishment in Chemical Disasters by the Ministry of Environment & Forests.

Civil Defence Himalayan Training Camp

CD Himalayan Training Camp

CD Camp




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Training Program-2018

Training Program-2018


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National Seminar on Disaster Management

8-10 November 2017


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